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Parts-Powerslide Hardcore frames
 : Powerslide Hardcore frames (2008-2010) - Frames
 : 219mm/231mm/243mm
 : 165mm


The original frames found on the Powerslide S3.


  • Extruded aluminium 7005.
  • No bridges in the structure, but a top double wall structure.
  • Most series come with aluminium torx axles, but some came with steel hex axles.
  • The 219mm version comes rockered (2mm difference), while the 231 and 243mm version are flat.
  • Allow for 10mm side adjustment.
  • Front height is 41mm.
  • Mount base width is 40mm, the front surface is unusually long with 120mm and the back surface is 45mm long.
  • The image and text on the frames cannot be removed : It's engraved after the black anodizing.

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