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 : Rossignol G-Effect frames (1997-2001) - Frames
 : 265mm
 : 175mm


The original frames found on the Rossignol Descender.


  • Active G-Effect system with an articulation at the front.
  • Weight is 530g without axles (axles are 14.7g each at 10.4g + 4.3g).
  • The hardness of the articulation is changed by turning a screw on the bottom (6mm Allen key).
  • The spacing is a non-standard 175mm, meaning few skates are compatible with these frames.
  • Max wheel size is 80mm because of the lower 3 bridges.
  • Front height is 46mm, rear height is 63mm, so the boot difference is 17mm which is much more than the usual 10mm.
  • The Axles are non-standard 6.3mm axles.
  • A 5 wheel model has existed, but only available to the Rossignol Pro Team.

Original Parts

  • Rossignol G-Effect axles.