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Spacers are round plastic or metal parts which fit inside each wheel, in between the two bearings. There is one per wheel.

Spacer Sizes

Spacers have a standard width (the space between the two bearings), but may have different inner and outer diameters. The outer diameter doesn't matter, though in theory it is possible to have spacers so big that they wouldn't fit inside some wheels. The spacer size often referred to is the inner diameter, which must match the frame's axle diameter.

Different sizes are obviously not compatible between each other.


The 8MM inner diameter spacers are the most common spacers nowadays. Since this is also the inner diameter of the bearings, it's the maximum possible diameter for the axle, providing the maximum resistance.


The 6MM inner diameter spacers used to be the most common spacers. Since the inner diameter of the bearings is 8MM, they need to occupy the space between the axle and the bearing, almost touching the frame, which explains their shape.

6MM Roces

Roces (and by extension Valo) use axles and spacers slightly smaller than the more common 6MM ones. This means that the axle will be slightly loose when using 6MM spacers. This also means that Roces spacers cannot be used with 6MM axles