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Template to be used like this from all skates (brand_skate) pages :

{{Page brand skate
|year        = 2009,2010
|type        = Freeride,Slalom
|structure   = Hard Shell|Soft Boot
|tightening  = Laces + heel buckle + top strap (optional)
|frames_type = Aluminium|Composite
|frames_size = 250mm-270mm (if multiple, detail on which sizes in specificities)
|wheels      = Hyper X360 78mm 80A
|wheels_max  = 80mm
|bearings    = ABEC7
|spacers     = 8MM
|sizes       = 22-32 MP (in the main sizes types used by the brand, often MP)
|price       = 200€ (recommended price at the time the skate was introduced)
|images      = Black,Limited
|overview    =
Evolution of the 2009 bla bla bla.
The text can span over multiple lines.
|details     =
* n/a (only this if none are available, make sure we have only list items)
* First quick specificity detail, like "The first freeride skate ever to have 90mm wheels.", ended with a dot.
* Second detail, like "Does not come with a brake pad.", also ended with a dot.
|parts_orig  =
* n/a (same as above)
* List of original replacement parts, end with dots.
* [[Parts:Rollerblade Cuff TRS]]
|parts_comp  =
* List of compatible replacement parts, end with dots.