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Parts-Seba 976 frames
Parts-Seba 976 frames - Igor
 : Seba 976 frames (2009-2011) - Frames
 : 219mm/231mm/243mm/255mm
 : 165mm
 : 150€


The high-end frames found on some of the Seba skates. Another factory mounted frame is the Seba 936.


  • Also known as Seba Deluxe frames.
  • Extruded aluminium 7000.
  • Exists in 2 designs : The original one from the Seba High Deluxe and the anodized black found on the Seba Igor.
  • Reinforced by 3 internal bridges in the structure.
  • Exists in 4 different sizes, referred to as S, M, L and XL, for maximum wheel sizes of 72mm, 76mm, 80mm and 84mm respectively.
  • The 219mm and 255mm frames aren't factory mounted on any skates, only available separately and in the original design.
  • The weight seems to vary between productions, with the following having been measured (without axles) : 187g for the 219mm, 210g for the 231mm, 198-210g for the 243mm and 215g for the 255mm.

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