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Seba Igor
 : Seba Igor (2009, 2010, 2011) - Slalom
 : Hard Shell (front strap + laces + heel buckle + top strap/buckle)
 : Aluminium (231mm/243mm)
 : Seba CW 76mm/80mm 85A (max 76mm/80mm)
 : ILQ9
 : 8MM
 : 34-47 EU
 : 500€


Igor Cheremetieff's Pro Model, introduced in late 2009. Based on a carbon shell and non-removable liners, like the KSJ.


  • Also known as Seba iGoR.
  • Carbon shell and cuff.
  • Two aluminium plates with 7 frame mounting holes each built into the shell.
  • Micrometric heel buckle with replaceable extremities.
  • Screw mounted buckles.
  • Screw mounted carbon cuffs (different from the ones on the High Carbon).
  • Non-replaceable liners.
  • Top strap in the box, to be used when the cuff is removed.
  • Frames size 231mm with 76mm wheels for sizes 34-39 and 243mm with 80mm wheels for sizes 40-47.

Original Parts

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