Rollerblade Spitfire S

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Rollerblade Spitfire S
 : Rollerblade Spitfire S (2010) - Kids
 : Soft Boot (laces + heel strap + top buckle)
 : Composite
 : 72mm 80A (max 72mm)
 : SG3
 : 8MM
 : 17.5-20.5, 21.0-23.0, 23.0-26.0
 : n/a (110€ Combo, 130€ Cube)


The boy's equivalent of the Spitfire S G, the only difference being the colour. Nearly identical to the Spitfire but without the speed lacing, True Wrap on the outside, and colour.


  • Three skate sizes, each adjustable to four different sizes.
  • The sizes written on the skate are US children sizes.
  • The smallest size comes with 3 wheels vs. 4 for the other two sizes.
  • Also sold in Combo pack, with 3-set protections.
  • Also sold in Cube pack, with 3-set protections and helmet.
  • The Combo and Cube packs are called Spitfire without the S, but in fact include the Spitfire S skate.