Salomon Crossmax 1

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 : Salomon Crossmax 1 (2002) - Freeride
 : Soft Boot (laces + heel strap + top buckle)
 : Aluminium (237mm/247mm)
 : 76/80mm 83A (max 76/80mm)
 : ABEC5
 : 8MM


The first ever Salomon FSK skate.


  • The spoilers are riveted.
  • The top buckles are the same found as heel buckles on some later FSK models.
  • The frames are 76/80mm Hi-Lo.
  • The frame size 237mm or 247mm depending on the skate size.
  • The liners are bolted to the cuffs so that they don't move or slip in the skate.

Original Parts

  • Salomon FSK frames.
  • Salomon Crossmax buckles.
  • Salomon Crossmax liners.
  • Salomon Crossmax shock absorbers.