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 : Tecnica CT-1 (1997) - Fitness
 : Hard Shell (front buckle + heel buckle + top buckle)
 : Aluminium (297mm)
 : Kryptonics 78mm 78A (max 80mm)
 : ABEC5
 : 8MM


Tecnica Cross Technique 1 skate.


  • The frames have the Anti Vibration System (AVS) : Flat rubber parts 3mm thick inserted between a 3mm thick aluminium plate and the frames.
  • Frame height is 51mm and would be 45mm without the AVS parts.
  • The cuffs are riveted.
  • The front and top buckle are riveted, two small rivets each.
  • The heel buckle is clipped in just like all the dented straps.
  • On size 10UK/29MP at least, the inner side of the two rivets of the top buckle isn't accessible because the shell is in front.
  • The frame mount spacing is 188mm (at least on size 10UK/29MP and up), neither of the original holes can be reused to mount 165mm or 195mm spacing frames.
  • The sizes written on the boot stickers are UK and MP only. The size stamped on the outside of the liners is UK.
  • Skates size 10UK/29MP have shells written CT 10.5 and cuffs written CT3 10-12½.