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Parts-Seba 995 frames
 : Seba 995 frames (2010-2011) - Frames
 : 366mm
 : 165mm
 : 180€


The first ever Seba downhill frames. Mounted on the Seba Igor boot to make the Seba Downhill skate.


  • Also known as Seba Downhill frames.
  • Fits 5x90mm wheels.
  • Same quality finish as the Deluxe frames.
  • Four bridges in the structure.
  • Front height is 53mm, this is due to the 2nd wheel being right below the front mounting holes.
  • Two front and three rear mounting holes, 15mm apart, normal 165mm mounting uses the rear front hole and the middle back hole.
  • Mounting holes are oval 8x22mm and allow approximately for 14mm side adjustment.
  • The 2nd wheel's axle is about 24mm forward from the rear front mounting hole, and the 4th wheel is about 5mm forward from the middle rear mounting hole.

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