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Parts-Seba FR sliders
Parts-Seba FR sliders - White
Parts-Seba FR sliders - Black
Parts-Seba FR sliders - Grey
Parts-Seba FR sliders - Red
 : Seba FR sliders (2007-2011) - Sliders
 : 10€


The protective sliders from the Seba FR1, Seba FR2 and Seba FRX skates.


  • Different from the Seba High sliders.
  • Comes with mounting hardware : Two screws and one small metal bar to put inside the skate.
  • Unique size for all FR skate sizes.
  • Exist in 9 different colours : Black, white, grey, red, pink, yellow, green, purple and blue.
  • Only black, white, grey and red were available until August 2010.